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With Hammerlund Inc.'s state of the art crushing spread and process refinement equipment we are able to produce quality aggregates with extreme effectiveness.

Aggregate Sales and Delivery

The nature of our business dictates the use of aggregate materials in one form or another; it also dictates the responsible management of the resources available to us. Over time, we have amassed the best equipment needed to either produce new material or recycle material pulled from existing projects.

Products that can be generated include: crushed rock in a wide range of sizes, rip rap, recycled concrete/asphalt products, and sand. Both sand and aggregate can then be run through a mobile wash plant to create secondary products to fit our customers' specific needs. In addition to using these materials on our own projects—and keeping operational costs down in the process—we also offer a wide selection for sale to the general public.

  • Aggregate for Environmental
    Resource Management

    We are committed to managing our natural resources with integrity and reponsibility. Recycling asphalt and concrete is one thing that we strive to do as much as possible. Not only does it serve the environment by reusing what would otherwise be waste products, it also produces a tremendously long lasting and durable product.

  • Hammerlund produces aggregates that are essential for the production of concrete and asphalt. We serve your every need when it comes to concrete and asphalt aggregate production.

Driven by an ongoing effort to minimize our environmental impact, we've seen the benefits recycling concrete and asphalt can bring. Doing so not only diverts these materials from the landfill, it also preserves natural resources and in many cases can be a plus in LEED certification. In addition, industry testing has shown that products created using recycled materials have shown durability and resiliency comparable to their all-virgin counterparts.

  • Concrete And Bituminous Recycling

    Hammerlund Inc. is committed to integral and responsible natural resource management. Recycling concrete and...

  • Crushing And Screening

    Hammerlund Inc. employs mobile crushing plants, and screens to produce aggregate materials. With different configurations...

  • Washing

    Hammerlund Inc. has the capabilities of using mobile wash plants to produce aggregates that can be used in various...