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Grade Control Staking

Modern GPS Machine Control enables our earthmoving and site preparation crews to move, fill, and grade project sites with precision and accuracy.

Hammerlund Inc. brings the latest technology to the worksite implementing state of the art GPS Machine Control and 3d modeling to help complete even the largest of projects with precision, accuracy, and speed.

  • Precise Site Survey

    Total Robotic Stations ensure precise control points and accurate design parameters for foundations, corners, and steel-embeds from the outset of you project.

    GPS field systems

    GPS field systems allow us to preform accurate grade staking in-house, achieving target grades with less downtime and repetitive instrument configuration.

  • Hammerlund Inc. offers our customers a huge cost savings with our one stop contractor ability to eliminate subcontractors. Keeping everything "in house" creates a more manageable atmosphere.

  • 3d Modeling

    Hammerlund Inc. utilizes leading edge software to make comprehensive three dimensional models of construction...

  • Building Layout

    Our concrete crews use Robotic Total Stations achieving precise control points to facilitate the accurate layout of building...

  • Custom Heavy Hauling

    Whatever it is you need moved Hammerlund Inc. is up to the task. We have a fleet of Semi Tractors, sidedump trailers,...

  • Equipment Rentals

    We have an expansive fleet of construction equipment that can be available for rental to help fulfill your needs. Contact...

  • Gps Systems

    Recognizing early on the impact GPS can have on an earthmoving operation, Hammerlund has embraced the technology, outfitting...

  • Grade Control Staking

    Utilizing our GPS field systems, we can perform our own accurate grade staking on construction projects. This presents...