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Some call it a pastime; we call it a passion. Molding the earth, (oftentimes a great deal of it), to meet the demands of our customer is at the heart of what we do. At Hammerlund Inc., it seems the amount of earth we move is surpassed only by the number of reasons we move it. With every project, our customers challenge us—and we've met every one.

Earthmoving Power for Minnesota

Hammerlund Inc.'s expansive earthmoving fleet allows us to use the right equipment for the right job and can handle both small and large scale excavation projects with efficiency.

With jobsite safety always at the forefront, we regularly tackle projects of all sizes and degrees of complexity. An expansive fleet of earthmoving equipment ensures we bring the best tools for the job, providing our customer with the highest level of production, accuracy and efficiency. Hammerlund's project management team and field supervisors—the brains behind all that brawn—are with you throughout your project, evaluating conditions, addressing issues and solving any problems that might arise.

Whatever your earthmoving or dirt work needs Hammerlund has the experienced crew and the heavy duty digging equipment in terms of mini and large excavators to put behind your trenching, excavation, or foundation work. From construction cleanup and haul-off, to final grading, leveling, and boxblading, you'll be in good hands with our hard-working, customer-oriented work crews and staff. Because, for us here at Hammerlund, the end product is not a pond or a road or an airport tarmac. It is a satisfied customer.

  • GPS Equipment for
    Maximum Efficiency

    Earthmoving and excavation specialists, Hammerlund Inc. employs the latest in GPS equipped dozers and backhoes to increase site preparation speed and provide greater accuracy in our earthmoving and mass excavation projects.

  • Hammerlund Inc. is committed to delivering the best service available to our customers and bringing the highest standards to our construction projects.

With innovative excavation techniques such as gps machine control, we have built a company-wide mentality to move the most earth in the most effective and cost efficient manner possible.

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  • Mass Excavation Fill

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