Wastewater Treatment Ponds

01 Landfill Pond Construction

02 Landfill Pond Construction

03 Landfill Pond Construction

05 Landfill Pond Construction

Landfill Pond Construction

Among the pictures above is the finished construction of the three new ponds in Emily, MN as part of the city's new massive 2.7 million dollar wastewater collection project in 2006.

Hammerlund Inc. provides over 20 years experience in constructing environmentally friendly wastewater treatment ponds and sludge landfills. We are extremely vigilant when dealing with such items, because at Hammerlund Inc. the protection of Minnesota's natural resources is one of our main priorities.

Cost Effective Wastewater Treatment Ponds

In terms of cost effectiveness, simplicity of operation, low energy use, maintenance needs, and adaptability in upgrading, waste stabilization ponds are regarded as the environmentally sustainable wastewater treatment system of choice.

  • Northland Minnesota's Experienced Wastewater Pond Construction Company

    Hammerlund Inc. has 20 years of experience in the engineering of waste water collection systems in northern Minnesota and has constructed wastewater treatment ponds in the cities of Grand Rapids, Crosslake, Hill City, Emily, and Remer.

  • With our vast experience in heavy industrial, mining, and mineral processing plants, we have learned to troubleshoot as we build, to better meet deadlines and product-production schedules.

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