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Project Management

Tilt Up Panels

Hammerlund Inc. is ready to serve you in all your general contracting needs. With our experienced work crews and modern equipment, we have the experience and know-how to see your project through with confidence and pride.

Hammerlund Inc. provides our clients with a wide array of general contracting services and our proficient project management team is ready to back you up in every step of the project.

Building Construction

We specialize in many economical and efficient building construction methods including pre-cast concrete tilt up panels. Panel construction is a proven, cost-effective construction method for durable buildings with relatively fast completion times.

  • Demolition and Salvage

    We offer complete demolition services for all residential, commercial, and industrial properties including salvage, clean-up, and haul off. Whatever you need torn down or removed, our competent and reliable demolition management and work crews stand ready to help you complete your project safely and on time.

  • By providing the very best ironworkers, millwrights, carpenters, and boiler-makers there is to offer, Hammerlund Inc. ensures nothing but the most productive and profitable product for our customers.

  • Buildings

    Hammerlund Inc. is a full-service general contractor providing superior quality building construction services...

  • Demolition

    Not only does Hammerlund Inc. offer building and structure demolition, we own and operate a fracturing unit that...

  • Project Management

    Skilled project management is essential to making sure any endeavor is kept within budget and is completed on time and...

  • Tilt Up Panels

    As a General Contractor we can provide building construction incorporating pre-cast concrete tilt up panels. This construction...