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Photos from the MTPA Integrated Pellet Plant Project for Essar Steel Minnesota, LLC. Hammerlund Inc. has installed approx. 65,000 cubic yards of concrete to date and reinforced with Approx. 15.6 million pounds of rebar. The work included approx. 3600 ft. of tunnel with depths of 5ft. to 85ft. and a crusher building that was approx. 100ft deep. This project is on going.

4.1 MTPA Integrated Pellet Plant Project
for Essar Steel Minnesota, LLC.

Hammerlund Inc. started with their first contract for Essar Steel in November of 2009 with the Railroad Corridor Embankment Project.

Since that time Hammerlund has moved over 7,000,000 cubic yards of Earth and blasted and hauled over 1,300,000 CY of Rock for the Essar Project, operating year round in some of the Minnesota's harshest weather conditions.

With excavation planned for another 7 million cubic yards in mine pre-stripping begun in 2011, Hammerlund Inc. provides the large scale, earth-moving muscle required by the most demanding of industrial projects.

  • Railroad Corridor Embankment (2009/2010)

    • Completed over 1,000,000 Cubic Yards of excavation and embankment (completed in harsh winter conditions).
  • Concrete Placement & Associated Civil Works

    • Crushed and produced backfill material from the onsite blast rock source.
    • Backfilling completed in depths over 100 feet.
    • Over 3,000,000 Cubic Yards of Excavation and Embankment, and structural backfilling.
  • Foundation Excavation & Associate Civil Works

    • Completed over 600,000 Cubic Yards of drilling and blasting in natural rock formation to prepare for concrete foundations.
    • Over 300,000 Cubic Yards of excavation and embankment completed.
    • Completed an excavation over 90 foot deep in a natural rock formation for the Primary Crusher through substantial ground water.
    • Setup and maintained multiple extensive dewatering operations through summer and winter months.
  • Mine Pre-Stripping & Associated Work
    (2011 to Present)

    • Over 7,000,000 Cubic Yards of Mass Excavation and Fill to be completed.
    • Drilling & Blasting of building foundations and drainage trenches.
    • 4,000,000 Cubic Yards of stripping of earthen material for the future ore body.
    • Work done summer through winter.
    • Excavation and Embankment of mine haul roads and pipeline corridors in depths and heights exceeding 70 feet.
    • Swamp/Muck excavation and soil corrections for building foundations.
    • Backfilling of  structural concrete.
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