Itasca County Rail Spur

00 Itasca County Rail Spur

01 Itasca County Rail Spur

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Itasca County Rail Spur

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Itasca County Rail Spur

The Itasca county rail-spur was completed in 2009 for the Essar Steel Corporation on the Mesabi Iron Range. The project site was a narrow track, (averaging 120 feet wide), of red tinged earth spanning six miles. During the project Hammerlund Inc. and RJS Construction removed over 2.8 million yards of some of the toughest materials to work with in cut and fill excavation, including sugar sand, ledge rock, marsh excavation, and iron tailings.

With machines operating in runs of up to two miles long, work and equipment crews were able to keep cycle times to a minimum and proceeded efficiently, even during the spring thaw when maintaining hauling roads became a challenge.

  • Earthmoving With Efficientcy

    Twenty-two, forty ton articulated dump trucks were employed in this massive earth-moving project to help create a “from the ground up” steel production site which handles the mining of ore up to the actual production of rolled steel. The rail-spur site facilitates a steel-production operation that is a benefit to the local economy and Hammerlund Inc. is proud to have been a part in its creation.

  • With superior project management and the most innovative techniques implemented, we have built a company-wide mentality to move the most earth in the most effective and cost efficient manner possible.

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