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In March of 2008 Hammerlund Inc. embarked on possibly its largest endeavor to date. The project at Mesabi Nugget consisted of approximately 65,000 cubic yards of concrete placed over the course of 1.5 years along with approximately 9,000,000 pounds of rebar to hold it together.

Mesabi Nugget Delaware LLC

The most challenging aspect of this project was that a project of this magnitude isn’t built everyday and much of the engineering was yet to be completed or was done on the fly. With changes occuring almost daily, Hammerlund Inc. was able to save Mesabi Nugget large amounts of money by providing them with flawless improvisation and innovation in correcting those changes.

  • Project Management

    Throughout the course of the project Hammerlund Inc. employed over 80 tradesman consisting of finishers, carpenters, ironworkers, operators, and laborers. By employing the best the local unions have to offer, Hammerlund Inc. operated for nearly 140,000 labor hours without a lost time accident. No matter the size or scope of a project, we pride ourselves in conducting in a safe and secure construction site.

  • During the course of the Mesabi project, we used over 65,000 cubic yards of concrete. That's enough concrete to cover 30.5 football fields with 1 foot of concrete.

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  • Itasca County Rail Spur

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