Lift Station Installation

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01 Lift Stations

02 Lift Stations

Pictured is the installation of a lift station wet well 28 feet deep with a water table 6 feet below ground surface. This took place on Hammerlund s project for the GKWMLL Sanitary District south of Garrison, MN.

Hammerlund Inc.'s capability on lift station installation has not been exceeded. No matter the depth, size, location, or degree of wetness, Hammerlund Inc. will find a way to complete the project.

Lift Station Engineering and Repair

Hammerlund takes on complete lift station installations including valves, discharge piping, stand by power and lift out systems. Our lift station construction teams can build a lift station to meet your specific application even in the most demanding of environments.

Properly Installed, Dependable Lift Stations for Better Performance and Overall Value.

A properly installed lift station means better overall value in performance and less maintenance in the long term. Lift station maintenance is no problem for our skilled crews whom you can count on every time for quality lift station repair, upgrade, and installation.

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