Bituminous Recycling

Concrete Bituminous Recycling

Hammerlund is committed to managing our natural resources with integrity and reponsibility. Recycling asphalt and concrete is one thing that we strive to do as much as possible. Not only does it serve the environment by reusing what would otherwise be waste products, it also produces a tremendously long lasting and durable product.

Hammerlund Inc. is committed to integral and responsible natural resource management. Recycling concrete and bituminous pavements is essential to this effort. Hammerlund Inc.’s mobile crusher plants are able to process existing concrete and bituminous materials that can be incorporated back into the very construction projects they were removed from, as well as used in applications as a high grade durable aggregate material.

  • Crushing And Screening

    Hammerlund Inc. employs mobile crushing plants, and screens to produce aggregate materials. With different configurations...

  • Washing

    Hammerlund Inc. has the capabilities of using mobile wash plants to produce aggregates that can be used in various...