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Hammerlund crews are committed to delivering a quality concrete product each time, every time. Whether the job is a massive cast-in-place pour or a simple repair, we devote the same attention to detail in a host of applications—from residential through to heavy industrial.

While we respect our colleagues in the concrete business elsewhere, we humbly submit that doing concrete work in northern Minnesota truly separates the men from the boys. Hammerlund concrete crews are accustomed to working, (for a good part of the year), in some of the country's harshest weather conditions, and unfailingly get the job done right and on time. Using cutting-edge robotic total stations, we can ensure the highest levels of precision and accuracy in our work—and, by nature of that equipment, do so with the customer's bottom line in mind.

Footings, Walls, Bases, and Transitional Forms

Hammerlund Concrete provides concrete services featuring state of the art layout equipment and experienced project management. Putting our proven project management skills together with a reliable workforce is a combination for success in footings and foundations to walls, bases, and transitional forms.

  • Commercial and Residential Flatwork Contractor

    When working on a residential or commercial concrete project we mean to meet or exceed a customer's needs in every instance. Our experience as a slab and flatwork contractor makes Hammerlund Concrete the dependable choice for commercial concrete services such as warehouse floors, gym floors, super flat floors, and decorative concrete floors and patios.

  • With our vast experience in heavy industrial, mining and mineral processing plants, we have learned to troubleshoot as we build to meet deadlines and product production schedules and profits.

Building Foundations

Hammerlund has installed industrial foundations for buildings in depths up to 110 feet below ground. Many large steel buildings are set on top of the foundations that we pour and large foundations for equipment to be mounted on concrete foundations need precision accuracy in their constructability.

  • Decorative Concrete

    Decorative concrete is available in wide range of colors and patterns, giving the appearance of brick, stone, tile, or...

  • Flatwork

    We have completed jobs of 211,000 Square Feet with Floor Flatness Spec of 45 Floor Levelness spec of 35. These are extremely...

  • Industrial Commercial

    We can tackle concrete projects of any size, from large scale mass concrete to tilt up panels. You can rely on our 20...

  • Mass Concrete

    We have poured many mass concrete foundations from 3 feet in thickness up to 12 feet. Mass concrete can create great...

  • Mud Jacking

    Mud jacking, (also known as slabjacking, or simply concrete raising), is a cost effective and efficient means to repair...

  • Rebar Services

    Hammerlund Inc. has earned a reputation for quality rebar detailing and installation throughout Northern Minnesota,...

  • Residential

    We can help you with poured wall basements, stenciled concrete, stained concrete, stamped concrete, slabs, driveways,...

  • Suspended Decks

    Our suspended deck system use steel beams with the decking poured on shoring. We can construct suspended floor slabs...